Magician Doug Hoover Pictures

Magical Greetings!

Here are some ideas for a new picture:

Holding the cage close to my face with the mouse inside. The first picture has the cage too far away I think. The picture with the rabbit is better.

The cage can be to the side or in front of my face as in some of the pictures. But show my entire face, not covered by the cage, so the eyes and smile both show. 

I like the eyes looking sideways but I will let you decide. 

The cage can be in one or two hands. Whatever you decide. 

I can be wearing a simple shirt and tie, sleeves rolled up if that is okay.

My face can be a little sneaky or devilish like in the pictures with the green shirt. This picture will not be for children but for my adult shows.

I am currently wearing a short beard like shown in the wonderful drawing you did before. My hair is also like in your drawing. Not as short as in the photographs. So you can do it like you did before. I included your picture to help you remember the hair and beard. 

The mouse can have a look of "Help Me!" He is so cute everyone will want to help him get out. 

No need to show the paper in the bottom of the cage as in some of the pictures. It is no longer in the cage. It would be covered by the mouse sitting on it anyway.

I included extra pictures to help you see how I look in general. 

You can FB me ideas or questions if you like. I will pick up the original when we see you. 

Below is another idea for a drawing. I took different expressions for you to pick from. One is similar to the picture above of me with a silly parrot puppet. If you would like to see more pictures of just the rabbit puppet let me know. Doug